Salomon Contagrip Technology

Salomon Contagrip technology delivers the most innovative outsole technology to provide you with the traction and durability you need to move in every condition immaginable. Whether your thrill is walking, hiking, or running, Salomon Contagrip will keep you in control and will provide comfort and protection you need and deserve. The success of Salomon's Contagrip Technology is a result of proper mix of three major components: Density, Compound and Geometry.


Each Salomon Contagrip sole consists of seven different densities to optimize grip and durability. The outsoles utilize multiple densities for specific needs in different zones. Low density of Salomon Contagrip sole is ideal for good grip while rock climbing or hiking, whereas high density portion of Salomon Contagrip sole delivers durability and edging for trail running or walking. Who said you cannot have best of both worlds?



Optimized combinations of more than 20 ingredients in each Salomon Contagrip sole provide the right compounds for every surface and activity. The formula has been developed in Salomon's laboratories over years with the help of outdoor runners, bikers, hikers, climbers and all other enthusiasts you can think of.


27 different geometries have been designed to give the right solutions.

GRIP = high number of edges + high number of lugs + depth of lugs
DURABILITY = lower lugs + greater surface areas.
SELF CLEANING OUTSOLES = lower depth, pyramid-shaped lugs remain cleaner.

Salomon Contagrip technology comes in three flavors: Mountain Contagrip, Water Contagrip, and Running Contagrip.

Mountain Contagrip

  • Braking lugs
  • Reliable
  • Tears resistant
  • Excellent grip
  • Deep lugs
  • Specific toe-off

Designed and built specifically for Mountain, Trekking, and X-Mountain product ranges, this durable high wear abrasion resistant rubber provides excellent grip and durability on all types of mountainous terrain. These outsoles are designed for specific product with the ideal "toe off" and "braking zones," deep self cleaning lugs, and a defined outsole edge providing confidence and stability on technical terrain. In simple terms, we put the right rubber in the right place to give you maximum traction and durability.

Water Contagrip

  • Hydrophob material
  • Water draining profile
  • Excellent grip on wet surfaces
  • Water specific

Specifically formulated to maximize traction in wet, slippery and amphibious conditions Salomon's Water Contagrip, through the use of specific lugs, keeps you sure footed.

Running Contagrip

  • Excellent grip
  • Reliable braking lugs
  • Forefoot flex grooves
  • Multi-directional lug

Combining several different hardness combinations of Contagrip, Salomon's adventure running outsoles provide the perfect blend of grip and durability to cover mixed terrain at high speeds. Designed with specifically placed forefoot flex grooves, self cleaning, multi-directional lugs, and defined toe off and braking lugs these outsoles are field tested, and race proven to dynamically tackle any terrain.